We all obsess over our skin. There’s no hiding it, your face is on show to world the majority of the time, and so it’s understandable that we can have insecurities about its appearance.

Lots of factors can impact our skin, including hormones, products, pollution and stress all being the root to most breakouts and skin issues. And so getting into a good skin routine can give your skin the best chance to try and sort out any internal issues it might be up against.

These top 5 tips can make a big difference, and are a great starting point for achieving the skin you’d like. These tips apply to both men and women, as we all need to take care of our skin!

1. This is a no brainer: WATER PEOPLE. Drink the water.

2. Skin hygiene – ensure you are removing make up and products from your skin each night to let your skin breathe and self clean throughout the night. Get into a good routine, and don’t over apply lots of face creams and serums unless they’re treating a specific issue such as a bacterial infection. Your skin is a great regulator and will quite often improve when you remove products from your routine.

3. Products with long lists of chemicals in that you can’t pronounce probably aren’t the greatest thing for your skin! Keep it natural, and try to look for active plant ingredients wherever you can. 

4. Wear factor 50 sunscreen everyday. No we’re not joking! Sun is the biggest skin ager there is – think you look cute now with a tan? You’re risking looking like a shrivelled mushroom in later life. even when you can’t see the sun, or it’s an overcast day, the UV rays are there and you’re damaging your skin. 

5. Finally, to give your skin a fighting chance, monthly facials can be invaluable in staying on top of skincare. They can be tailored to your specific skin type and issue and can improve skin texture, tone, brightness, and reduce signs of ageing. Not to mention they are incredibly relaxing, and self care can help enormously with reducing stress and anxiety which all contribute to your skin.

How do you target bad skin? What are your tips?