Today is my favourite day in the year. It’s World Veganism Day!!!

November is Vegan month and to celebrate I’m going to be blogging lots of awesome and educational vegan content and videos. I have a really exciting schedule planned and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys!


If anyone wants to use this as an opportunity to trial veganism for 30 days, I have an eBook ‘Top Tips for transitioning to a vegan lifestyle’ that I’m giving away completely free all throughout November! So send me a message via email and I’ll get this sent out to you!

Make good choices today! It’s the perfect day to make a change you’ll thank yourself for for the rest of your life!

2018 is already lining up to be a cracking year for vegan product releases.

The Beyond Burger™ took America by storm when it launched earlier this year. It’s meaty in both taste and texture and it’s got a lot of hype as it appears to ‘bleed’ when being cooked and releases juices similar to those released when cooking meat, achieved through the much healthier and cruelty free method of…. beetroot.

The burger pattie can be BBQed, fried, baked, grilled and the internet has seen as swarm of meat eaters being completely fooled by the texture and taste.

This month it was announced the The Beyond Burger™ will be hitting the UK in 2018, which is such an exciting development for the vegan community! The burger is made entirely from plants and isn’t tested on animals in anyway, as well as providing 20g of protein per pattie! Yep, plant based protein – SHOCKING I know*.

Oh and it’s also free from GMOs, soy and gluten. It’s also all completely free from animal stem cells and it isn’t grown in a lab like many people initially thought. It’s mostly made from…. pea protein.

Some vegans have expressed that the burger is too realistic, while others argue why would vegans want to eat a meat replica when they purposely cut meat out of their diets  – I think it’s an interesting debate, but I also think by offering more of these types of options it shows people who love meat, that the same experience can be achieved without the health, environmental and animal welfare implications. It also gives people the opportunity to switch out meat from various meals, if they’re not ready to make the full commitment to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. It’s only a good thing in my eyes.

Will you be trying it? What are your thoughts on a vegan burger that ‘bleeds’?

*all the sarcasm.


We are all constantly learning; we are moving and growing and changing in tiny and drastic ways. 2017 has been my year of personal growth and development. I am clearer than ever before about my direction, my strengths, my limitations and my goals. I have grown a huge amount and I’m going to be completely immodest and say that I’m pretty proud of the growing I have done as a human this year.

I find great comfort and wisdom in the words of others and I often find myself reading quotes and paragraphs from those wiser than myself. Let’s just say they help me reflect, provide perspective and focus on growing. These are some of my favourite quotes that have spoken to me about growth.

Let me see those jazz hands guys!

Yep, for anyone that missed it, Ben & Jerry’s have launched a Dairy Free range including 3 amazing flavours, and it’s now available in a supermarket near you!!! YAAASSSS.

I was lucky enough to try the dairy free Ben & Jerry’s in Oregon last year (yes I bought a whole tub whilst staying in a motel with no freezer, and no, I have no regrets) and it is BOMB. I’m soooo excited that they have now addressed their UK market and launched here too!

The last few weeks have seen tubs of this stuff fly off the shelves and people have been getting to supermarkets as they’re opening to get their hands on a tub, which is incredible. The demand for it clearly shows the way the world is changing and hopefully this will lead to even more flavour options and other brands following suit.

I picked up the Chocolate Fudge Brownie from Tescos and it really is incredible. I challenge any non-vegan to be able to tell the difference!!

Plus, it has 15% less calories than the normal dairy Ben & Jerry’s option. So basically, you can eat more.

Have you tried it yet? What did you think?

A few weeks ago you guys might remember I was a guest speaker at a Raw Food and Juice Masterclass at The Core in Old Town here where I live.

It was an amazing opportunity for me to talk about the subject I am most passionate about and answer your questions about my journey and experience with veganism! I was also taking part in a 30 day raw food challenge (Rawgust) at the time, so it worked out perfectly!

It was a fantastic event and it was great to answer questions about raw food and veganism, and hopefully inspire the people who attended the event to make more healthy and ethical choices in their day to day lives.

I also made 2 of my favourite raw dishes – a courgette noodle & macadamia nut pesto dish, and an avocado chocolate mousse!

I hope any of you who came enjoyed it and if anyone who lives locally would be interested in other events like this, get in touch.

Here is a little snap shot into what went on at the event:

Thank you to Ottr. for filming the event and creating this beautiful video, as well as taking these gorgeous photographs.