Starbucks Reacts to Increasing Vegan Demand

Starbucks have started the year off with a bang by responding to the overwhelming demand for vegan and plant based options at its coffeehouses across the globe.

The coffeehouse giant reported a boom in demand for plant-based milk options throughout 2017, and they have reacted by adding oat milk to its list of dairy-free options.

Oat milk in coffee is SO delicious, it’s creamy and rich and always my go-to milk for coffee and cereal! (shoutout Oatly Barista!)

In addition to the oat milk update, Starbucks have also excitingly added more vegan options to their food line too. From January we can now get our hands on the brand new BBQ Vegan Wrap with Jackfruit and Slaw, featuring a whole wheat seeded wrap filled with carrot and sweet corn purée, jackfruit, spinach, and slaw.

It’s so great to see high street brands branching out from falafel and experimenting with mock meats and a variety of vegetables.

For breakfast, Starbucks have added a Vegan Five Grain Oatmeal Pot, an oat porridge made with coconut cream and soy milk, golden linseeds, and red and wild rice, spiced with cinnamon, which sounds warming and delicious.

And if all of that sounds too healthy for you, they have also introduced a Vegan Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Bar topped with nuts and edamame.

These movements support Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson’s initiative to increase the company’s sales by tapping into the plant-based market. It’s the place to be.

What do you think? Will you be trying the new range?




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