10 Essential Vegan Apps

Committing to a vegan lifestyle has never been easier thanks to technology. We are in the middle of a vegan boom and every month new and exciting vegan apps are being launched which makes following a vegan diet and lifestyle effortless!

I have complied a list of the 10 apps I have found to be the most essential, allowing quick access to thousands of great recipes, information on supermarkets, restaurants, vegan news, travel guidance and cruelty free products. Hopefully you find them as helpful as I have!


£1.99 | Find Local Veg-friendly Restaurants

The most popular vegetarian and vegan online restaurant guide! Use this app to help you find the most recommended vegan- and vegetarian-friendly restaurants wherever you are. The app connects to your GPS to point out vegan and veggie eateries in most countries around the globe. You’ll never look back.
Download: App Store | Google Play


£1.99 | Find Out if your Alcohol is Vegan

Using the data from popular online vegan alcohol guide, Barnivore, you can now access a comprehensive list of vegan beers, wines, and liquor. The fastest way to quickly look up which alcohols are vegan friendly and which aren’t!
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Is it vegan?

FREE | Find Out if Food Contains Animal Ingredients

Scan a product’s barcode and immediately know if it’s suitable for a vegan or vegetarian diet. This app will provide you with a detail summary of which ingredients are vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, etc. Time saver & life saver. Literally.
Download: App Store | Google Play


Food Monster

Subscription (Free Trial) | 8000+ Vegan Recipes 


One Green Planet’s Food Monster app gives instant access to over 8000+ vegan, meatless and dairy-free recipes via 600+ category filters! Slight downside is this is a subscription service app, however 3000+ new recipes are added each year, which is kinda a big deal. We’re talking burgers, cake, tacos, cheesecakes, desserts, as well as seasonal dishes. Featuring incredible multi-image, 3D-touch enabled HD photos, vegan food never looked this good!
Download: App Store



£2.99 | Translate vegan statements and questions into over 50 languages 

If you are traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language, this app can be helpful when eating out. Don’t forget that HappyCow works all over the world, but if you’re in a pickle, this app translates some basic sentences that will help you order a vegan dish. You can either try to read out the translation, or just show it to your server. I also appreciate that they translate “thank you”. Very important in my book!
Download: App Store


FREE | Animal Activism on the go 

Help animals while on the go with PETA’s mobile app. Participate in action alerts and donate to support ethical treatment of animals. Earn points and badges as you go!
Download: App Store | Google Play


$1.99 | Find Vegan Options in Airport Terminals


If you travel a lot and find yourself struggling to find a restaurant inside an airport terminal that serves vegan food options, then this app will help you out immensely! AirVegan lets you know which terminals in the airport have plant based options!
Download: App Store | Google Play


FREE | Find Products Not Tested on Animals

The Cruelty-Free app is brought to you by the kind folks at Leaping Bunny! Use this app as a shopping guide to help you discover and find over 700 U.S and Canadian cosmetic, personal care, and household products brands that do not test ingredients, formulations, or finished products on animals.
Download: App Store | Google Play


Cruelty Cutter
FREE | Find Products Not Tested on Animals

Scan a product’s barcode to instantly know if it’s cruelty-free or not! Don’t have a product in front of you? Browse through the app’s brand directory to learn if a company test or does not test on animals. “Cruelty Cutter app has every company in the Leaping Bunny and PETA lists and thousands more.”
Download: App Store | Google Play


gonutss – Vegan Translator
FREE | Find Vegan Alternatives to Non-Vegan Food Items

Want to know some vegan alternatives for eggs used in baking? This app lets you search for non-vegan food and then find vegan substitutes for you instead! Genius.
Download: App Store | Google Play



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  1. 24th January 2018 / 7:04 pm

    oh love this site!! just found it! was the only V in the village(joke) for so many years! it is so much easier now ! I am64 and have loved being vegan for 40 years and over❤️ anyone considering it please do it – i was told i had arthritis when 20 and it would cripple me by 50❤️still going strong!! dont intend to give in anytime soon! no silly diets no horrid tablets just loads of veg n fruit n cerial Oh and vegan milk! hmmmm

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