The Only Vegan In The Family // ft. Aimee Hughes

After a little blog absence Honestly Ombre is back and ready to start 2018 by bringing you fresh vegan content from all areas of society and walks of life!

Today I’m kicking off a new Vegan Community Series, sharing tales, stories and advice from some kick ass fellow vegans! The first of my lovely contributors is Aimee Hughes. Make sure you check her awesome blog out here.

Hello, I’m Aimee and I’m pretty new to the plant eating posse.

I hit the 6 month mark this month. Happy anniversary me!

I went vegetarian for a brief 8 months last year before failing miserably. My head and heart weren’t entirely up for the change and I didn’t feel or look any different just cutting out meat.
Fast forward a further 8 months, a viewing of what the health and I made the decision to cut out all animal products from my diet and haven’t looked back since.

My plant based cooking escapades have been going well and I’ve fallen in love with food again. The change in my body and mind has been unreal. I lost over a stone pretty much straight away, had a huge surge in energy and feel that my mental health and hormonal dips have been the best they have been all year.

The one thing I’m struggling with though…

My husband and children have not made the change.

Bella is 8 and I feel, old enough to make her own decision and Ray is only 4. Changing their entire diet straight away is proving hard. How do you just change the way your children eat overnight?

Anything I can veganise for them (and get away with) I do. They are already little fruit bats and love their veggies.

Pizza is life in our house and cheese is the one thing they are not budging on. I’m yet to find dairy alternatives they will actually eat so if you have found any good ones, hit me up.

I would of course, love them all to go entirely vegan but I also know it’s not always as easy as I have found it to completely change your diet. It’s still early days for them but something is better than nothing right?


I think Aimee raises a really important question, about the best way to influence your family to make vegan decisions,  without imposing strong views in an aggressive or overpowering way. Especially with children, it’s important they feel empowered to make their own choices about food.

Here are 3 tips that could help kids become more interested in veganism:

  • Visit an animal farm sanctuary to see animals up close to help them make the connection – children are naturally very compassionate and they would never choose to hurt an animal naturally
  • Get them to watch children friendly YouTube videos about veganism – these are tailor made for children and avoid all the graphic videos often found in vegan documentaries
  • Discover new recipes together, get them cooking in the kitchen with you to try new plant based foods

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  1. 10th January 2018 / 10:33 am

    Love the post Aimee!
    I have eaten Aimee’s food – its all been amazing… I’m not Vegan but anything she cooks is seriously tasty!

    Leanne ~

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