Vegan Mylk Man Service taking London by storm

You might have assumed that traditional milkmen were on the decline, but there’s a new plant based mylk delivery service in London injecting energy back into the industry, in the trendiest, most hipster way imaginable.

Mylk Man is a brand new plant based mylk delivery service – perfect for vegans and dairy-free consumers.

Mylk Man was developed by Jamie Chapman and his business partner after seeing the vegan movement growing and people moving away from dairy for environmental and animal cruelty reasons.

There is a whole range of mylks on offer, including cashew, turmeric, pistachio and sweet chai, and coconut. The mylks are mall freshly made first thing and delivered in glass bottles straight to the door. The bottles can then be reused and collected as part of your next order.

All the mylks impressively contain a minimum 12% nuts which is much higher than traditional supermarket nut milks.

And given what an artisan service this is, it won’t break the bank either. Cost-wise, a 500ml bottle of almond is £1.75, with the special varieties going up to £2.80, coconut is £1.60 and cashew is £1.90. None of these prices are wildly different to what would normally be charged in a supermarket which is awesome!

Aside from being vegan, the company also has a very high ethical stand point. All the mylks are plastic free, all the glass used is recyclable, the deliveries are made via bicycle and 10% of profits are donated to GreenPeace. These guys are goals.

Hopefully the mylkman service grows and grows and more cities and towns start offering the same service!

Visit for more information, or to place an order.


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