Vegan Ben & Jerry’s hits the UK

Let me see those jazz hands guys!

Yep, for anyone that missed it, Ben & Jerry’s have launched a Dairy Free range including 3 amazing flavours, and it’s now available in a supermarket near you!!! YAAASSSS.

I was lucky enough to try the dairy free Ben & Jerry’s in Oregon last year (yes I bought a whole tub whilst staying in a motel with no freezer, and no, I have no regrets) and it is BOMB. I’m soooo excited that they have now addressed their UK market and launched here too!

The last few weeks have seen tubs of this stuff fly off the shelves and people have been getting to supermarkets as they’re opening to get their hands on a tub, which is incredible. The demand for it clearly shows the way the world is changing and hopefully this will lead to even more flavour options and other brands following suit.

I picked up the Chocolate Fudge Brownie from Tescos and it really is incredible. I challenge any non-vegan to be able to tell the difference!!

Plus, it has 15% less calories than the normal dairy Ben & Jerry’s option. So basically, you can eat more.

Have you tried it yet? What did you think?


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