What are the health benefits of veganism?

Going vegan was honestly the best decision I have ever made in my life from a health perspective. I have documented by initial transition to veganism on my blog before, but now I have been vegan for over a year and a half, the benefits and value of the change is even more evident and I wanted to share this with you guys.

As you may know, I suffered really badly from IBS for around 13 years. It came on suddenly when I was 13 and I didn’t ever have longer than a week or 2 in that 13 year period where I didn’t suffer from an IBS attack of some sort. I was FOREVER taking Imodium after meals as a precautionary measure, I wouldn’t go to an event or leave the house without it in my bag in case I needed it. I took indigestion tablets all the time, I avoided eating if I thought my gut would be bad a particular day, I had to be selective with what I ate if I was out socialising. And I had my fair share of embarrassing and awkward attacks, not to mention incredibly painful, draining, stressful, unhealthy and frustrating occurrences.

I felt trapped by it. But also had this underlining acknowledgment that that’s just how it was with food and I needed to live with it.

The shortened version of this story is that I decided to eat plant based for 4 weeks to ‘cleanse’ before I reintroduced foods to try and see what was causing the main issues. But those 4 weeks were transformational and I didn’t have one single IBS attack. Not only that, the benefits I felt were life changing and I didn’t feel the need to reintroduce any animal products. This was also teamed with learning a huge amount about the production of animal products and the ethical and environmental impacts of this, so for me, I went vegan overnight and have never looked back.

The benefits were both observable and measurable and I was blown away by the results.

The main changes I experienced were:

–          Less sleep (I now average 6 hours a night)

–          Increased energy – I experienced such a boost in my energy. I feel such energy for life and I’m rarely tired in the evening or even before bed

–          Weight loss – I dropped a stone in the first year

–          Improved skin – my skin improved dramatically

–          Improved digestion – my insides are healthier than ever, I don’t suffer from any stomach or gut issues

–          Mental wellbeing – this isn’t a fluffy benefit, it is 100% a tangible benefit of going vegan. My self-confidence and self love noticeably increased, when you are challenged on your views quite regularly you reallllyyyy get comfortable in your skin pretty fast! In addition, my compassion increased hugely – this is natural when you connect with others, appreciate the earth and accept animals as co-inhabitants of our earth rather than commodities for us to use, believe me, your compassion and connection to others is life altering

–          Improved patience – being vegan can sometimes be challenging especially when your views are scrutinised, added to a frustration of your close friends and family quite often not sharing the same views as you – so my patience has increased massively and I would like to think I’m a lot more understanding of other people’s views.

 Going vegan gave me back my alignment to the earth, nature, animals and my health. It really is life changing.

If you would like more information from a health perspective, I would recommend watching Forks Over Knives and What The Health on Netflix.

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  1. 4th September 2017 / 2:04 pm

    This was a really interesting post! Although I’m not vegan I’ve been veggie for about 4 months now for health reasons and I feel so much better for it. You’re right, you definitely learn patience with people! x

    What Josie Did Next

    • Honestly Ombré
      4th September 2017 / 2:06 pm

      Thanks Josie!! Glad you’re a fan 🙂 plant power is awesome! Xx

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