4 Tips For Clean & Clear Skin

Over the last few months I’ve been suffering quite a bit with my skin. I think because of a number of factors, but namely stress and hormones! Normally I’m not too bothered about a few spots, we all get them and it’s no big deal, but my skin was as bad as it had ever been when I was a teenager, both on my face and also my back and this really got me down and my self confidence took a knock. It isn’t something you want to be dealing with in your late 20s!

So I approached trying to improve it in a number of ways, and these are the top 4 tips that I feel have made a big difference to my skin:

1.  I took a lot of care taking my make up off each night and I got into a really good routine. I made sure to always wash my face after taking off my make up, regardless of how tired I was, so my face was as clean and cleansed as possible. I think investing in a product like the Facial Cleansing Brush would also be a great addition for this step as it really targets any hard to clean areas with its soft bristles. I’ve definitely added one to my skincare wish-list for the future!

2. Secondly I decided that the best solution would be to use products with as natural ingredients as possible, with limited chemicals and names of things I couldn’t pronounce; I just felt like that is what my skin was asking for and it allowed me to keep track of what was making a difference. I used a few different moisturisers but eventually settled for my favourite Tropic Moisturiser I have talked about previously.

3. I also started to regularly use a face mask to draw out impurities.  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with face masks as I find my skin can sometimes be worse after using them, but I know in reality that’s because the product doing its job and skin does have a tendency to be worse before it gets better. But I tried the Tropic Clear Skin Mask and I felt like I got all of the benefits without having a skin meltdown afterwards, so I definitely wanted to include it on this list as I fell in love with the formula.

4. Finally, I have seen a huge impact and change in my skin since I started the Rawgust challenge (find out more here), and the improvements in my skin after eating raw for over 3 weeks now have been really noticeable. It’s clear that all those fresh vitamins and minerals have been the boost my skin needed. My skin is less aggravated and smoother in appearance. I have also been drinking so much more than I normally would, which has been a great lifestyle change for me.


How do you target bad skin? What are your tips?


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