Rawgust Weekly Update #3

Well well, we’ve hit the 3 week mark for Rawgust! I’ve eaten nothing but raw food for the last 22 days and I feel pretty damn impressed at myself!

I have had no temptations to cheat, in fact I knew I wouldn’t cheat from the first day I started – I might have moaned a few times (sorry boyfriend), and it would have been dreaaaaamy to eat a pizza after a night out last week, but I’m a pretty stubborn person and so I knew I wouldn’t cheat and that I needed to see this through to the end.

So in terms of benefits this week:

  • My energy is back up – in week 1 I was worried that I would have low energy the whole month, so I’m really glad it’s back to where I was before. The change in my energy was one of the biggest improvements I noticed when going vegan – I have so much energy, I bounce out of bed and I’m rarely tired when I actually go to sleep, and I get lots of comments about how I fit so much into my time – this answer is a lot more than just diet, but my diet is definitely a key factor in that!
  • My skin is the best it has been in 7 months and it makes me sooooo happy.
  • My hair seems to have grown a lot in between hair cuts this time – now I can’t prove this is because of rawgust, but it has had such a big impact on my skin, it makes sense that it would effect my hair too.
  • I made raw hummus using cashews (hummus is always a benefit!)

I’ve also seen a slight change in my taste buds and I tend to be craving savory vegetables over fruit now – I’m adding less fruit to my juices in the morning and I’m craving tomatoes, avocados and pickles!

9 days to go guys! But actually, I’m not even counting down now – I’m loving the raw diet!

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