Rawgust Weekly Update #2

So we’re just about to hit the half way mark with Rawgust and I’m stoked I’ve made it this far! To be honest, the last week has been so much easier than week 1, and I’ve really enjoyed eating raw, rather than just trying to get through it like week 1 was a little bit!

I’ve also noticed that the dishes I have been making are meals I’ve never eaten before and the creativity Rawgust is forcing me to have in the kitchen has actually been really refreshing. I think we can all get in a rut with the foods we eat, and maybe don’t associate how certain foods make us feel. By eating such varied, fresh, raw, and nutrient dense foods I have definitely seen a difference in my body this week and it has reminded me how important it is to fuel our bodies with the right foods, not just what we fancy that day. I’m sure we’d all love pizza everyday, but that’s not what your insides will be craving, and Rawgust has really made me reflect on that.

The benefits I’ve seen this week have continued to build on week 1; my skin has continued to clear up, and I’ve continued to drop weight and my stomach is noticeably flatter. Another plus has been my energy is back up, so I think the lull in week 1 was potentially the detoxing phase as my body was getting used to eating raw.

I’m also much more conscious of striking a balance with the foods I’m eating to make sure I’m getting a balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals – this can only be a plus for my overall health and wellbeing.

From a social perspective I still haven’t eaten out during Rawgust, so I think this will be the next hurdle – but I’m up for the challenge!

For those of you that missed it on social media, I’m guest speaking at the Summer Special Juice & Raw Food Masterclass at The Core in Old Town tonight! I’ll be talking about my journey with veganism, chatting about Rawgust and also making one of my favourite raw dishes for people to try! I’m SO excited and can’t wait to hopefully see some of you there!


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