Rawgust Weekly Update #1

Ok guys, I’m a week into Rawgust, so here’s a little update how it’s been going!

I’ve managed to eat completely raw for 7 days, with no slips ups – which I’m pretty proud of myself for!

I think I naturally have quite strong willpower, so I thought Rawgust would be a good challenge to push myself and try and be as healthy as possible. However when I first started, a whole month sounded pretty daunting! So I originally decided I would try and do it week by week, but now I’m a week in I’m definitely not ready to stop yet.

I found the first 2 days really hard, and all I wanted to eat in the evenings was cooked food. I’m not sure whether it was an actual craving or more habit and knowing that I was trying to avoid cooked food which normally has the effect of wanting the forbidden item even more.

But after the first few days, I’ve got into more of a routine and I feel really good putting so many fresh fruits and vegetables into my body. I bought a juicer and I’m obsessed with it! Green juice is everything and my body feels so super healthy!

I’ve also been forced to get creative with my meals, which I love! But eating out whilst following a raw diet would legit be a nightmare. Not many places in my home town serving up courgette noodles, that’s for sure.

So what are the health benefits of eating a raw food diet?

There are many many benefits associated with eating a raw food diet.

Eating a raw food diet means consuming around 75% raw foods, so it’s naturally going to be have a big impact to digestion, wellbeing and overall health. Some of the improvements that are expected are:

  • More energy
  • Up to 3 hours less sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Clear skin
  • Clarity of mind and better memory
  • Improved immune system
  • Improved fertility
  • Prevent or even reverse diabetes

Now I’m not aiming for everything on this list (fertility you can chill out), but so far I would say my skin seems a little clearer and I feel like I’ve lost a little weight – I never really weigh myself but my clothes feel a tiny bit looser, even though I’m eating more than I usually would. However I would say I’ve been more tired than usual, which could be a result of the raw food or could just be due to a few late nights.

I think week 2 will reveal more of the benefits – so I’m excited to see what the week holds!

Don’t get me wrong, it would be awesome to have some tofu about now, but I got through the first week so I’m feeling like I got this.

Can we just appreciate the sweetest Rawgust gift I received left outside my door for me? All the heart eyes.


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