How can eating a vegan diet save the planet?

Did you know that animal agricultural is the number 1 cause of climate change and global warming?

Animal agriculture is the collective process of breeding, feeding, and killing of land animals for meat, dairy and other by-products, and it is the most destructive industry our planet faces.

51% of all global greenhouse emissions are created by livestock, compared to the 13% that all of the transportation on the entire planet contributes to, this includes all road, air, rail and sea vehicles. 

That is a huge discrepancy.

It’s all very well switching off our lights, buying LED lightbulbs, and washing our clothes at 30 degrees, but clearly if we actually want to make a meanginful impact in our fight against the rising temperature of our planet, we need to reduce the emissions caused by this industry. 

Animal agriculture is not only the single largest factor of climate change, but it is the main cause of deforestation and destruction of our rainforests, creation of ocean dead zones, species extinction, water pollution and global famine.

Let me talk through the cycle.

Hundreds of pounds of soy, corn and other grains are required to feed animals until they are slaughtered; for cows it is estimated that you need 60 pounds of animal feed to get 1 pound of beef, and this requires 2,500 gallons of water. This is a huge amount of energy, water and waste.

When you consider how much feed that is, but across the world humans still die from famine and hunger on a daily basis because they don’t have enough food, and yet we have enough food to feed 56 billion land animals which are then slaughtered for food; this is 8 times the worlds population over. I don’t know about you but that seems crazy to me.

In addition to that, rainforests are destroyed and cleared to make room for the soy and corn fields in order to feed the animals bred as livestock, which destroys habitats and ecosystems; it is estimated that 110 animal and insect species are lost every single day due to rainforest destruction. Rainforests are our planet’s lungs; without them, we can’t breathe. Livestock covers 45% of the total land mass of our planet.

The soy and corn which is grown to feed the animals is typically significantly genetically modified and is sprayed with tremendous amounts of chemicals. So not only are the rain forests destroyed to make room for the crops, the chemicals pollute the soil and earth which in turns runs into the rivers and oceans causing dead zones, wiping out marine life and contaminating fish, which are caught and eaten by humans. Finally, the chemicals within the feed being eaten by the animals is stored in their fat cells, which is then also consumed by humans.

It is a crazy cycle. Which is physically killing our planet.

These are some scary statistics, and emissions for animal agriculture are forecast to rise to 80% by 2050. We need to stop.

So what can we do as a species to collectively save our planet?

If everyone in the world stopped eating meat, or even reduced their meat consumption, greenhouse gases and pollution would rapidly decrease, rain forests would be saved, ocean contamination would decrease and dead zones could thrive again, and there would be enough grain available to feed the world population at least 7 times over!

In fact, by following a plant based diet you can cut your carbon emissions by 50%. You can literally half your impact compared to that of a meat eater.

I sometimes get told that 1 person can’t make a difference, but that’s a pretty significant impact if you ask me. All actions have consequences, so make sure you have conviction in the ripple effect you are making in the world around you, and you are comfortable with the imprint you leave.

In order to save our planet for future generations, we need to CHANGE. That change is needed right now. It isn’t a future issue we don’t need to worry about. It is happening right now.

I personally want to be part of the generation of human beings that tried to save the planet, not watch it burn around me because of appetite.

Because let’s be honest, that’s what it is. Humans like the taste of meat. We don’t need it to survive, we definitely don’t need it to thrive, we eat it because of taste. It’s pretty damn selfish. 

Going vegan or simply following a plant based diet, is so easy, so fulfilling, so rewarding, so healthy, so enlightening, so fulfilling and SO damn delicious. And it saves our planet too. It will be the best decision you ever make.

Let’s save our planet together, we got this!

For more information about the impact of animal agriculture I would recommend watching Cowspiracy on Netflix.

If you would like any hints and tips for reducing your meat consumption, or even going vegan, you can drop me an email to

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