Sister & Co. Skin Food

When I was a little girl I spent a lot of weekends at my Grandparents house getting spoiled and having sleepovers. I would watch in awe at my glamourous Grandmother Popo getting ready in the morning in a cloud of lotion, powders, creams and perfumes and I would watch as she applied her make up, did her hair, chose her jewellery (including clip on earrings) and I would try and learn how to be a grown up as fast as possible.

A key piece of advice she gave me for being a young lady was to always moisturise my body and to look after my skin. Well, that and drinking G&Ts by 12pm was socially acceptable. Oh and strawberries dipped in sugar for breakfast was nutritious.

I’m afraid to say Popo, I could have done a lot better at the skincare side of things. Gin side, I got you.

Throughout my early 20s applying body lotion was one of those things that came last on my priorities list when getting ready in the morning and was normally an activity saved for when I had a lonnnng time get ready. I found it a drag. Correction, I still find it a drag. It’s something I have to actively remember and it never seems to become part of my routine no matter how hard I try.

So I am always looking for products to make this process a little easier, and that I click with enough that the joy of the product overtakes the drag of applying it.

My beautiful friend Hannah bought me the Sister & Co. Body Melt for my birthday a few weeks ago and it has quickly made the top of the list for products that make the body care process that little bit easier.

It’s a gorgeous silky smooth balm that melts as it is applied to the skin. It’s all natural, all vegan, all cruelty free and you guys know by now, that gets nothing but heart eyes from me. And it smells like a freaking vanilla and apricot dessert. I mean, I could eat it. I’m not guna. But I could.

Sister & Co. offer a unique collection of truly natural skin and body care products made with the finest skin superfoods from around the world, using organic cold-pressed plant oils, raw nut butters and milks, sugars, salts, clays, waxes and pure essential oils.

Their products don’t use any chemical preservatives or fillers, synthetic fragrances or toxins of any kind, or in any quantity and nothing is done to artificially alter the texture, smell or colour of the products. The ingredients are raw, minimally processed and as a result remain as potent and as natural as they are at the source.

Another fact I found out about when I was looking into the Company, is their impressive approach to production. Their production runs in batches every twelve weeks, and those products are brought to market straight away, meaning that every product is at its peak efficacy and it as fresh as it can be.

You’re not going to be getting a product that has been sitting on a shelf degrading before you buy it, or packed full of synthetic chemicals to preserve it.

I think the ethos and ethics of this brand are incredible, and they are true advocates that nutrient-rich natural ingredients in their raw and undiluted state, have the highest levels of intact vitamins, minerals and nutrients, that can heal and nourish the body. They also clearly state on their website that ‘All our formulations are unique, created by us and tested on people — never animals’.

I am truly in love.

I can’t wait to try more products from this awesome brand. They are already helping me fall in love with taking care of my skin, and hopefully this lesson is something I can pass on to my Granddaughter one day too.

Popo, you were right.


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