The International Vegan Flag

Just a mini post today guys, but I wanted to let you know in case you missed it (like I did), that on the 9th June the new International Vegan Flag was launched!

I didn’t even though this was a thing, but you know, every important movement in history has a powerful and memorable flag, and it seems fitting that veganism should have one too I guess!

The flag has been designed by Senior Designer and fellow vegan, Gad Hakimi. Gad identified that there were many different logos and materials that are used to represent veganism across the world, and that there was a need to encompass the concept of veganism under one clear brand. So after many iterations of design, this month marks the launch of the International flag for Veganism.

On the vegan flag website it states that the 3 triangles form the core V shape in their inner space, whilst the 3 individual sections represent the core message that veganism promotes the protection of all animals whether they are based on land, sea or air.

So yeah, what do you think?

We’re pretty much going to be intolerable now we have our own flag. You may as well go vegan and make it easy on yourselves.



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