Vegan Deodorant by Tarte

I was feeling a little splurgy a few weeks ago and found myself on the Sephora website (always a dangerous combination), and I decided it was way over due for me to try out some Tarte products.

Tarte is a fully vegan and cruelty free company that sits comfortably in the high end beauty arena and it has made waves over the last few years with their big bold campaigns, bright packaging and ridiculously cute themes. As a Brand they clearly demonstrate exactly how easy it is for a company to be successful in the most ethical way, and sets a really clear example within the beauty industry that brands can do better.

I’ve talked before about natural and vegan deodorants a few times here on my blog, and I’m always on the look out for new products to try, so when I saw this pretty little number, I couldn’t not pick it up.

I’m yet to find a deodorant actually called ‘vegan deodorant’ so that made my heart do a little flutter and I basically fell in love with this product before I’d even tried it, but luckily it completely lived up to the hype I’d given it in my mind. It is bomb.

Firstly, it smells incredible. Floral and musky and romantic – exactly my kind of scent, and I like that it’s a little unusual for a deodorant.

Secondly, it applies beautifully, dries instantly, and provides protection all throughout the day within the need to reapply or worrying about its durability.


Obviously I also have to mention the packaging. Because guys. It is so dreamy!! I want to marry it.

In my opinion it is completely worth the price tag, and as you guys know, I’m a firm believer in your pounds and pennies being a physical vote for the way you wish companies, brands and society to operate. You are investing in the future of that brand and their ventures and so I’m more than comfortable putting my dollar towards such a kick ass brand as Tarte.

Have you tried any Tarte products before? If so which ones should I be picking up next?



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