New Vegan Pizza from Pizza Express

Something very exciting happened last week.

Pizza Express launched a brand new vegan pizza.

Nope, not just a quirky option on their hidden allergens menu or a secret pizza you can customise if you know the code word, but an actual fully vegan pizza on their main menu, across all of their 400 UK restaurants.

This is SUCH an exciting development, that a chain as large as Pizza Express has acknowledged the changing landscape and reacted in such a cool and inclusive way.

I OBVIOUSLY I needed to try it and so I headed there this week with my bestie to celebrate her new job, and to sample all the vegan delights.

Now firstly, the name. It’s actually called Vegan Giardiniera.

And secondly, the most exciting part is that it has actual vegan cheese on.

For you non-veegs who read my blog, although vegan cheese is becoming more and more widely available in supermarkets, it’s really rare for it to be offered in restaurants, so this is a huge step for a chain restaurant to be introducing it as a feature on their main menu.

The other toppings are artichokes (fave), asparagus (also fave), red onion (less fave), black olives (bae), fresh tomato (they really mean tomato. not tomatoes. see below*), garlic oil and fresh parsley.

It comes on the classic base, but according to my vegan sources you should ask for the Romana base as it’s better. I didn’t know this, so I just went classic.

Verdict? It was super tasty. And it was just as tasty cold the next day when I demolished the left overs. The cheese is really cheesy and melty and it’s amazing to have a cheese option on the menu.

If I was to be super picky, I still prefer the Pianta pizza which launched a few years ago, the toppings are just a better combination in my mind, but it’s such a huge development to have another vegan pizza option which will hopefully encourage more and more non-vegans to also give it a go!

I also ordered the Coconut Delight dessert as it would have been a waste not to sample ALL the new vegan options – it was super tasty, but essentially just coconut ice cream. I’m not a huge dessert person anyway, and I think they could do a bit more on the dessert front, but it was damn good ice-cream.

Amazing job PE, it’s incredible to see the world changing!!

*Ps. If you’ve had the pizza, did anyone else notice the 1 half a cherry tomato? My friend Matthew pointed it out to me as he had just half a tomato on his too. This is either an artistic feature, or an in-joke. I literally have no idea what the punchline is though. Fill me in veegs…?


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