Breast Milk Ice-Cream? Eating Insects? Animal By-Products? // Answering your Vegan Questions

Today is World Meat Free Day. Can you imagine the impact if we all decided not to eat meat for just 1 whole day?

56 billion farmed animals are slaughtered each year for human consumption. That’s 8 times the human population.

That means if humans killed each other at the rate we kill animals, we’d be extinct in approximately 17 days.

I had no idea about these figures before I went vegan. And I wish more than anything I had known then what I know now.

So I urge you to just sit and think about those numbers for a minute and let them sink in. And perhaps you will find not eating meat today that little bit easier.

I have been promising a Vegan Q&A for a while on my YouTube channel and I have been overwhelmed at the cool and crazy questions you all sent me to answer – thank you so much for making me think so hard about I subject I just love. I have definitely increased my knowledge as a result of this video, and so each of you has helped me grow a little bit more. Thank you, I love you.

I had so many questions I will probably do a Part 2 to this, so leave me a question down below if you would like me to answer it next time!



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