A Secret To Achieving A Natural Bronzed Glow

Now we’re really into Spring, Summer is fast approaching and seems a good time as any to start reaching for that tan in a bottle to make your skin look a little healthier after the paleness of Winter.

I’m not that committed to fake tan. I like simplicity and ease when it comes to my body care routine, and so when Tropic asked if I wanted to try their Summer Skin Gradual Tanning Lotion I jumped at the chance. Why have two separate products for moisturising and tanning, if you can have 1 multi-purpose lotion?

I’m delighted by this product, it’s silky, applies beautifully, smells wonderful and absorbs quickly into the skin. It isn’t thick or just sit on the skin after application, and it doesn’t streak or leave weird brown patches.

I’ve been sure to exfoliate every day for an even tan, and I feel my skin already looks healthier.

The Summer Skin Lotion provides an effortless, even, natural looking tan and it’s already given me such a boost ready for Summer.

I’ve also been teaming it with the Sun Drops Face Serum to make sure my face matches my body – I’ve added one drop to my moisturiser in the morning and I’m really happy with the glow it has given me.

I can’t wait for some warmer weather to soak up that Vitamin D!


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