How To Embrace The Piercings Trend

Now a few months ago you wouldn’t have been wrong in assuming the days of multiple piercings were a thing of the past, left firmly back in our late teens and early twenties when we used to try and shock our parents. But 2017 is the year of the piercing comeback.

Last year was the year of the septum, but this year? Ears ears ears.

It seems everywhere I look are delicate loops, studs and gems and heavily decorated ears are no longer just a statement for an edgy teen. This trend is sweeping the fashion world, and women in their late twenties, thirties and forties are adorning their ears with beautiful studs and earring combinations.

Chic, classy and almost painless. It’s such a sophisticated, carefree and playful trend and the best way to stick it to growing up!

These are some of my favourite combinations I’ve seen and will 100% be embracing this year!

Do you know your Tragus from your Helix? What about Daith, Conch or Industrial? Time to get researching guys, because this trend is going nowhere. And I have an appointment with my piercer. 


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