Is Rimmel Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Let’s talk about Rimmel. You’ll want to read to the end for this one.

As a Highstreet brand well loved by the Nation, Rimmel is an affordable, accessible and trend setting Company. They have a lot of endorsements by bloggers and celebrities, and their influence has a really wide reach. I’ve purchased a lot of Rimmel products over the years, I’m sure most of us have, but instead of talking about their top products, let’s focus on the ethics of the company.

You know how this works by now so, Is Rimmel cruelty free and vegan?

When researching this topic I came across a lot of contradictory information. Some publications stated Rimmel does test on animals, and other stated it doesn’t. So I decided to go right to the source.

When looking through their website, it states that ‘Rimmel London is against animal testing. Find out more.’, but trying to ‘find out more’ became nearly impossible as I was sent down loop hole after loop hole.

Rimmel is part of Coty Inc. who are one of the world’s largest beauty providers and include brands such as YouUnique, GHD etc.

On their website it states: ‘Coty Inc. is a leader in the global beauty industry’……’Before we place a product on the market, we assess it thoroughly to ensure that it is safe for human use and for the environment and that it complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations’….. ‘our safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients is based on the use of recognized alternatives to animal testing, the use of existing safety data and, increasingly, the sharing of such data with other industries’….. ‘We do not perform, nor do we ever commission any third parties on our behalf to perform, testing of our products or ingredients on animals’.

Which sound really promising.

However unfortunately it then goes on to say:  The only exceptions are the very few countries where, by law, the regulatory authorities require us to submit our products or ingredients to them for testing on animals as a mandatory part of their regulatory protocols in compliance with their local regulations.

So bad news. Rimmel tests on animals when required by law.

This really isn’t good enough in my book, especially when in today’s society, there are both big and small brands who don’t practice any form of animal cruelty.

But don’t worry! There are so many viable alternatives out there, you’re not going to miss out. The following brands are cruelty free, just to name a few:

  • Barry M
  • Soap & Glory
  • Lush
  • NYX
  • Pixi
  • theBalm
  • Too Faced
  • Tropic

I hope you found this post useful and if you would like me to feature a brand you’re curious about, please get in touch!

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