How To Style A Cruelty Free Wardrobe

I have had people ask whether I find it difficult to buy vegan clothing because of the amount of animal products within the fashion industry such as leather, croc skin, fur, silk and wool. I have also had others express an interest in a vegan diet but are concerned about the implications for their handbag collection or shoes they purchase.

I personally haven’t found this a challenge at all, and I was happy to find that a lot of my wardrobe was already vegan. For any items that I’d purchased before becoming vegan, I decided to replace these with vegan alternatively as and when I needed to. I still have a pair of Adidas trainers for example that aren’t vegan, but that I think it would be wasteful to throw away. When the time comes to buy new ones, I’ll make sure that these are from a vegan company.

Inevitably there are some ethical choices to be made along the way, like with most decisions in life. For example there was a really cute black backpack I wanted – it was the perfect shape and size and it felt like I had been searching for it for ages, but when I looked at the label it was made with ‘genuine leather’ and so I didn’t go through with the purchase. But those events are pretty few and far between and to be honest there are so many good alternatives and big brands supporting the cruelty free market, I haven’t felt limited at all.

Ultimately as you transition to a vegan lifestyle your views will change, and you can draw the line where feels right for you. If that’s at food, then great, if it’s cosmetics brilliant, if it’s cleaning products, clothing or homeware then fantastic. I’ve said it before, but no one can go vegan overnight, it’s a process and you do the best you can.

I was in a similar mind set when I first became vegan and over time I’ve found my views have changed without really realising it, for example where I might have previously thought it didn’t matter too much if a bag was leather, I now see it as animal skin and wouldn’t want to be carrying it around. It’s all about your perspectives.

Here I have styled a range of items you might be surprised are vegan, to show how easy it can be!

I’ve styled plain black jeans with a denim jacket with a faux shearling lining, faux suede boots, a silky style shirt and cruelty free and vegan jewellery. I didn’t have to search high and low for these items, they were all available from online and highstreet stores.

I have been living in these boots and jacket over the last few weeks, and absolutely no animals were harmed in the making of them! It’s cool to be kind.



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