How I Get Shiny Silky Hair

Today I wanted to share with you guys changes I’ve made to my hair care routine.

A big mission of mine last year was to transition all of my beauty products to vegan and cruelty free brands. Once I’d got the food side of things nailed, it was time for me to address the other areas of my life such as beauty products, make up and clothing.

The best way for me to do this was to use up products I still had and once they were used up, re-purchase vegan and cruelty free equivalents. I know some vegans decide to throw everything away and start fresh, but for me I felt that was wasteful and from a financial perspective, that’s just crazy. I think making the commitment to not re-buy those non vegan products is just as an effective change.

So in terms of my shampoo and conditioner, I used to use Aussie Hair products, however unfortunately they’re not a cruelty free brand, so I had to look elsewhere to replace them.

I stumbled across the Yes To products in Boots, and within a few washes I noticed an incredible change in the texture of my hair. I have quite fine hair, but a lot of it, so sometimes it can be a bit fly away. However as soon as I started using Yes To, my hair was immediately more manageable and it is now firmly part of my hair care routine.

For my hair type, I feel this range works really well for my hair care needs. The shampoo is thick in texture and lathers really well. I normally wash my hair twice with shampoo before conditioning and this formula really  cleans the hair leaving it feeling super clean and fresh.

I’ve found with some more natural hair brands that I’ve tried, the conditioners can tend to be really thin and almost non-existent in my hair, but the Yes To Conditioner is really thick and a heavier texture that works well for my hair and instantly makes my hair feel smooth and silky when massaging it in. It has really helped to provide a manageable consistency to my hair and it’s less knotty and that dry texture hair can sometimes get after drying has completely gone.

Overall my hair is smoother, shinier and is a lot more workable and easier to style. My hair seems to hold it shape much for longer and I’ve had a few comments from people about how shiny it is!

I honestly couldn’t recommend this brand anymore based on my experience so far, and I’m keen to try the other scents. Plus it’s all natural and you’re not coating your hair in chemicals.

Have you guys heard of or used Yes To before? Which products would you recommend?


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