Is Lush cruelty free & vegan?

A few months ago I wrote the post ‘Is Barry M Cruelty Free and Vegan?’ and to date it’s been my 2nd highest read post ever! So it looks like you guys really liked it, which is amazing!

So I thought I would make this more of a series, so you can easily access the brands you’re interested in. Obviously I talk about new products and releases on my blog already, so this is more of an overview of the brand and company ethics.

Today I’m talking about Lush. I’m a hard core Lush fan, and I mean hardcore. I could probably win a quiz about their bathbombs. My brain likes to occasionally store useless information. It’s a wonderful trait.

Lush as a company has very high ethic principles. They advertise, promote and fund raise for charities, and they get behind causes and issues which effect the planet, animals and society. You might have seen their Charity Pots which are sold in all stores normally at the checkout, and 100% of the proceeds go to their chosen charities. They regularly work with charities and organisations from all walks of life including The Animal House in Jamaica, Eden Animal Rescue, Tiny Paws Rescue and SO many more you can read about here.

So we the big question is, are they completely cruelty-free? The answer is yes, they’re 100% cruelty free and completely against animal testing, which is fantastic! In fact, they not only choose not to test on animals, but they are passionately against it and actively fighting for change. You can visit their website here and get all sorts of useful information about how they are fighting against this practice and I think it’s truly amazing to see a company this large fight for something so passionately.

Lush states:

The strength of feeling against this unscientific and cruel practice has not diminished over the years, which means that it is safe to say that Fighting Animal Testing is not just a Lush position and policy, but is a lifetime goal and the core value of our company. Lush will continue to fight animal testing worldwide – to speak out against it, to join with animal campaign groups to publicise it, to lobby against it and to educate around the issues – until animal testing is a thing of the past. 

Our Fighting Animal Testing commitment means that Lush has a variety of positions and policies that both govern our own actions, to ensure that our business practices are free of animal testing, and reach out to the wider world to help eliminate the use of animals in testing worldwide.

They are also key in pioneering and championing alternative methods to animal testing.

So are they also 100% vegan?

Unfortunately the company isn’t 100% vegan as they do use milk and honey in some of their products. However that being said all of their products are clearly marked as vegan which makes it easier to identify them, which is a big step in comparison to a lot of brands. For example, I’ve talked before about how much I love Million Dollar Moisturiser, but unfortunately it contains honey so I chose not to re-purchase it when mine ran out.

However, despite not being quite 100% vegan, I still fully support Lush as a brand and company. Yes, it would be amazing for them to go vegan, but they are contributing so much to this industry in terms of standards and expectations from customers and they are doing a huge part in driving active change. In addition Lush provide lots of really useful information an articles about veganism on their website, including this one on the Rise of Vegan Activism.

Given how popular Lush is, they are really setting an amazing example across the industry and as more and more people buy from and invest their money in their brand their influence will be felt across the industry.

I’ve talked before about how each pound you spend you are casting your vote for the world you want to live it. For example so many meat eaters have said to me ‘it’s already dead’ as a justification for eating meat. But it doesn’t matter if the chicken is already dead in the packet at the supermarket. By purchasing it you are directly involved in it’s suffering and the continued suffering of the chickens yet to be killed; you are part of the supply and demand chain. So use your money wisely and invest in the world you want to live in.

I hope this post has been useful!

Let me know other brands are you interested in knowing about by leaving me a comment down below and I’ll add it to my series!


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