The Prettiest Breakfast Trend // Green Baobab Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowls are all the rage at the moment, probably because they’re the prettiest breakfast item around! I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of spending a lot longer than I should scouring the smoothie bowl hashtag on Instagram. I just love them.

But apart from being pretty, they’re super good for you and an amazing way to pack in your fruit and vegetables. Especially if you’re following a vegan diet, smoothies and smoothie bowls are an easy way to pack in greens and vitamins that otherwise you might be chewing for hours.

I created this little masterpiece for breakfast this week, so I wanted to share with you guys and give you some inspiration to make your own!

I decided to go for a green smoothie this particular day – they’re definitely my favourite, the greener the better!

So for the smoothie base I added the following to my Nutribullet:

  • 1 ripe banana (look for the brown spots on the skin, that indicates it’s ripe)
  • 1 apple
  • 2 large oranges
  • 1 kiwi fruit
  • 4 handfuls of kale
  • a splash of filtered water
  • a teaspoon of ground flax
  • a teaspoon of pea protein
  • a teaspoon of baobab powder
  • half a tea spoon of tumeric

I then whizzed all of this together and then I transferred it to a bowl and decorated the top with some more chopped fruit, some chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, ground flax and sliced almonds. It was delicious!!

To make this smoothie bowl extra nutritious I added in some Pandavita Baobab Powder which I have started to use over the last few weeks. It has a light citrus taste so it complimented the oranges and kiwi really well.
Baobab is a superfood powder and studies have shown that it has 10 times the antioxidant level of oranges and 6 x more antioxidants than cranberries, blueberries and blackberries, up to 6 times more Vitamin C than oranges, 4 times more potassium than a banana, 2 times more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach!

Baobab also contains zinc, essential fatty acids, phosphorus, protein and vitamin B complexes, so it’s the perfect way to get tonnes of vitamins and minerals in one hit! I added it into my smoothie bowl along with ground flax, chia seeds and some pea protein powder.

Plants are honestly so cool.

Pandavita are also offering my readers 15% off any purchase with the code OMBRE15 if you want to treat yourself at the moment!

What are your favourite smoothie or smoothie bowl combinations?? I need some new flavours to experiment with, so let me know in the comments below! Also if you decide to try this one out tag me in your pictures!!



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