Christmas Gifts for Her

I think scrolling through gift guides this year has slowly but surely become a serious addiction. I get so much inspiration from them and I love to see how the style of the individual filters into the recommended gifts.

I really love buying presents. I adore it in fact. I 100% love it more than receiving presents. I love being able to surprise someone with a thoughtful and unexpected gift, so I’m always on the look out for ideas to keep in my ‘present mind palace’ for just the right occasion/person. (you guys have a present mind palace as well right?… right??)

I have already shared my Vegan Gift Guide over on Pinterest, so this time I wanted to share my ‘Gifts for Her’ guide. Here you should find inspiration for everyone from your mum, sister, aunt, friend or even yourself! There’s suggested gifts for all sorts of budgets, and the majority of these gifts are timeless yet totally on trend as well.

Let me know what your favourite item is and whether anyone likes buying presents as much as I do??


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