Vegan Gift Guide

‘Help! I have to buy a Christmas present for a vegan!’… a phrase possibly coming out of the mouths of most of the people buying gifts for me this year, as well as any other vegans out there who may be visiting loved ones at Christmas.

Now, don’t worry. I’ve pulled together a handy list that should help you buy a present for your favourite vegan this Christmas, with options to suit all budgets!

I think there can be some misconception that vegans are hard to buy presents for. And ok, you might have to put slightly more thought into their present that you might normally, but once you’ve got the key information nailed, you’ll find it easy.


First off, the things to avoid.

Now remember, vegans don’t support anything that originates from or is a by-product of an animal. And so even if you’re not buying food, you need to consider where certain items come from.

For example, materials that are off limits are: wool, silk, angora, down, ivory, fur, leather, crocodile skin, snake skin, feathers, beeswax etc.

You also don’t want to be buying cosmetics, fragrances, smellies etc that may have been tested on animals, so just make sure you research the brand beforehand. Check here for a list of brands to avoid (this isn’t comprehensive so look at the label for the leaping bunny logo or research the company online).

They also probably won’t appreciate an gift experience that includes animals, such as an outing to a zoo or aquarium, the circus, horse racing, dog racing, penguin feeding, elephant rides, bull fighting, dolphin or whale shows etc. as these are all forms of animal exploitation through captivity and entertainment.

So once you’ve got all of that stuff out of the way, you’re in the clear! Vegans are pretty normal, we like chocolate, socks, stationary, perfume, clothes, books, adopt a turkey program – what?


Here are some ideas of gifts for your beloved Veeeg and check out the whole guide over on my Vegan Gift Guide Pinterest Board. I know they’ll be super touched you’ve gone to the effort of researching and buying something you know hits all those ethical tick boxes 🙂 major Christmas points for you!

I’ve also pulled together lots of boards with Vegan recipes and Christmas dishes so make sure you’re following along on Pinterest! 🙂



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      Thank you Sam!! Glad you found it useful xx

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