Yoga with Hush

We all know we should be doing exercise to keep our bodies healthy and fit.

I’ll admit, I struggle to fit in exercise throughout the week when I’m working full time and my evenings are precious, so the easiest way for me to fit in an activity is to pick up my yoga mat and do an hour of yoga.

I adore yoga. I first tried it while I was at University and I quickly fell in love with it. It’s a whole body workout, gets your heart rate up, builds your core, when focusing your mind and keeping you in the present.

I’m by no means an expert and I’d love to be more flexible, but I know the more time I put into it the more I will get out of it. My flexibility will improve the more and more I do it.

I wanted to share with you a pretty unique product that I have recently discovered and had never heard about before: yoga mat spray.

I think this is such a genius product, and one I had never heard of before but which makes perfect sense and I don’t know how I lived without!

I discovered this product through Hush, a totally vegan and cruelty free company run by the lovely Hannah. They have a whole range of gorgeous ethical products, but it was this one that really caught my attention. Hush offer the spray in a whole selection of beautiful scents and it not only cleans your mat after a workout, but refreshes your space, cleanses the area and prepares you for another session.


I had never heard of a product like this before and it is so useful I can’t believe there aren’t more of them out there! It comes in various scents like lavender, peppermint, bergamot and lemongrass I’ve been obsessed with the  Minty fresh fragrance.

It ensures that your yoga space is clean and fresh and not building up bad bacteria (think about those hot yoga sessions and sweaty palms…GROSS!) and I think it can also help your mind to feel clear ready to workout.

img_0884I have also been doubling up and using it as a general room spray to refresh up the house and air around you and each one is just delicious and calming. I’ve been keeping one of these sprays in all of my main rooms so I can spritz whenever I feel like it.


I absolutely love discovering natural, ethical brands like Hush and I would absolutely recommend their products.


Have you tried a yoga mat spray before?


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