YCL & Bonny Rebecca Vegan Jewellery Collaboration

YCL is an ethical and vegan jewellery company that design delicate, simple and timeless pieces. They have collaborated with Bonny Rebecca, a vegan health and lifestyle Youtuber to create 3 beautiful pieces of jewellery to represent and raise awareness of veganism.

I think the pieces are really beautiful, and I love the message behind them. They’re incredibly subtle so the wearer can have a deep personal connection to the item of jewellery they choose to wear, without it being an obvious and exaggerated statement of veganism.


We all know that feeling of connection we get deep in our chest to an important piece of jewelry and more often than not it will be the reason behind the piece that drives that emotion, and not the fact it’s just shiny and sparkly. Whether it’s love, pride, remembrance, memory or unity, these feelings are what drive that connection. How many of us probably had the best friend heart necklaces with a friend in school? Was it the half heart that you loved so much or what it represented?

Luckily this range is so much more beautiful that a cheap half heart necklace from Claire’s Accessories, but the power of the connection behind them remains true. They are a personal statement for the wearer and a reminder of compassion that you can carry with you every day.

And if they drive a conversation about veganism from a passer-by, then hey, that’s really cool too.


I know some vegans give vegans a bad name and can be portrayed in the press or media as being loud, preachy, angry individuals on a mission, and hey, who am I to judge. I think the world needs balance, so maybe we need angry vegans just as much as we need relaxed vegans. Luckily I haven’t experienced any ‘angry’ vegans to date, and all of the individuals I have met and interacted with have been kind, friendly and above all compassionate – which is what the vegan message is all about! And if subtle statements like wearing one these beautiful pieces can drive a conversation and potentially educate someone, then that is an awesome and peaceful way of sharing something so important to the wearer.


These pieces are definitely on my Christmas list and I think YCL and Bonny Rebecca have done an amazing job designing them!



    • Honestly Ombré
      11th November 2016 / 8:14 am

      Me too! It’s beautiful! Xx

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