Is Barry M cruelty-free and Vegan?

As part of my cruelty free pledge I featured a few weeks ago (read it here), one of my lovely readers asked whether or not Barry M is a cruelty free brand, so as promised, I’m back with all the detail I could find.

First of all Cruelty free and Vegan can mean two different things:

  • Cruelty-free means that no animals are used in the testing of products.
  • Vegan means that no animals or animal products are used in the production or testing of products.

I thought I might have to do a lot of research into this, so I went straight to Barry M’s website just to see if they had any information and I was SO surprised to find a whole page dedicated to ‘Cruelty Free’, which is amazing and definitely not typical of a lot of beauty brands!

Their website states:

Since our foundation in 1982, Barry M has never tested our finished products or ingredients on animals or engaged another company to do so on our behalf. All companies in our supply chain must provide us with an annual written assurance that no product or ingredient used in Barry M products has been newly animal tested by them after our fixed cut-off date.

Our strict policy means that within our company and our supply chain, we do not tolerate cosmetics animal testing. Through working with HSI, we have now gone one step further and pledged not to permit our products to be sold in countries such as China whilst they require additional new animal testing. We have also pledged not to use new ingredients that become available in the future unless their safety can be assessed entirely without animal testing.

They also have some really interesting FAQs all about animal testing and their principles which I would definitely recommend reading here.


In terms of whether their products are Vegan, their website states:

Most of our products are suitable for vegetarians, but some do contain animal by-products (like Beeswax), making them unsuitable for vegans. All VEGAN friendly products have the Vegan symbol included on the list of ingredients. You can find these on each product page entitled “Ingredients”.

I had a look through their website and to be honest it was harder to fine products that weren’t vegan than the ones that actually are, which is so awesome and such a step forward for the beauty industry!

Barry M also have a Pledge on their website that you can sign to show your support and stress the importance of not testing products on animals as part of their ‘Be Cruelty-Free’ campaign:

We’re proudly supporting Humane Society International’s global Be Cruelty-Free campaign, the largest campaign in history to achieve a worldwide end to animal testing for cosmetics.

Be Cruelty-Free is helping to achieve real change. Cosmetics animal testing is now banned across the 28 countries of the EU, including the UK, and throughout India and Israel. But elsewhere around the world, the suffering continues so HSI’s Be Cruelty-Free team is now campaigning to end cosmetics animal testing in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, Japan, China and the United States.

Be Cruelty-Free works by raising consumer awareness about cosmetics animal testing and ethical shopping, and by engaging with policy makers, regulators and companies to change laws and practice to replace animal testing. Together we can end cosmetics cruelty once and for all. – See more at:

I think it’s so fantastic to see a company of this size taking a stand and really making waves in the beauty industry. I’m am beyond impressed and will be stocking up on Barry M products immediately!

Are there any other brands you’re curious about? Let me know and I will post for you!



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    This makes me so so happy! I love this brand x

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