Vegan Restaurant Review: Aspargasm

A couple of weeks ago it was my Mum’s birthday and we decided to go for lunch at Asparagasm, a beautiful Vegan restaurant not too far from where I live in the Cotswolds.

This was the first totally Vegan restaurant I have been to – EVER! Which might sound surprising, but they’re pretty hard to find in my area of the UK, so I wanted to share my experience for those of you who are vegan, veggie, plant based or just interested in going to beautiful restaurants and eating amazing food!

Aspargasm is in Nailsworth, a picturesque little town in the Cotswolds, UK. The restaurant itself is an intimate little nook, with around 6 ish tables and could probably seat 15-20 people I would imagine.

The décor is really pretty, with a really rustic feel; lanterns hanging above the tables, mandala style artwork on the tables, blackboards and artworks dotted across the walls. Safe to say, right up my street!



In terms of the most important bit, the food, it was faultless. Given how small the venue is, there were a surprising number of options! I went for the Superfood Salad and everyone else went for the Buddha Bowl (smoked ratatouille, rice, salads). It was just gorgeous – I had such a range of different salads on my plate, the colours and textures all complimented each other beautifully. We also decided to get the cheese board as it’s not very often I get to have cheese as a vegan – this was HANDS DOWN the best vegan cheese I have had. Just so creamy and tasty and such an artisan feel. I was a bit sad I had to share to be honest, it was definitely the highlight of the meal for me.


We then moved onto dessert and decided to share the ‘large plate’ which was a mixture of all the desserts on offer. They are all raw and sugar free and just absolutely incredible. Not in a million years would you have believed they didn’t have any sugar in them and were totally raw!


My favourites were the fudge and the lime & coconut cheesecake. Oh MAN. They were good.

We also got coffees with a choice of plant based milks – we went for cashew.

The whole meal was just perfect and I would highly recommend a visit if you are in the area or have a spare weekend and want to go exploring!

Asparagasm also run a few courses such a Raw Food and Bread Making etc so I’m definitely going to check out the ones they have coming up and book on.

I think the nicest part about the whole day was how totally relaxing it was to know I didn’t have to check ingredients, I didn’t have to be awkward and ask for something different, I was totally in my element and I got to show my non-vegan fam how delicious it can be to eat totally plant based!

I’m really keen to try more vegan restaurants so let me know if this has been useful and I can make this a more permanent feature of the blog!


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