5 Inspirational Vegan Bloggers & YouTubers

I get a lot of questions about the Vegan bloggers I follow for recipes, lifestyle inspiration, make up advice, fashion brands etc. so today I thought I would share my Top 10 with you guys to help you discover some amazing people and content.

1. Hot for Food/ Lauren Toyota

I started watching Hot for Food videos on Youtube just as I had started to eat a plant based diet. I learnt soooooo so much from watching Lauren, both from a recipe perspective but also from how easy this lifestyle can be. She’s definitely been a key influencer in my decision to live a vegan life! I highly recommend binge watching everything.

2. Kalel

Kalel is an all round huge Youtuber and it just so happens she’s also Vegan. I discovered her through her Vegan Taste Test videos (where she tries Vegan junk food) and she also has great advice on cruelty free brands. I would definitely recommend watching her ‘Why I’m Vegan’ video as it is so informative, non-preachy and I’ve found it one of the easiest to digest.

3. Bonny Rebecca

Bonny is a vlogger from Australia and she creates passionate and exciting videos about her experiences and daily life as a Vegan, as well as addressing a lot of interesting vegan topics and discussing the lifestyle. I adore watching her and have learnt so much from watching this channel.

4. Mango Island Mama

Ellen from Mango Island Mama is raising her kids with her Husband in Mawi. Her videos are so refreshing and cover everything from motherhood, nature, fitness and raising vegan kids.

5. Niomi Smart

Niomi is a huge British Youtube star, so you’ve probably heard of her already. But for those of you who don’t know, Niomi started following a plant based diet over 2 years ago. She doesn’t often use the word vegan, but it’s gradually creeping into more of her videos! I probably first heard the term ‘plant based’ from her channel and she films lots of recipes videos and ‘what I eat in a day’ to show how easy it can be to be vegan. She’s also just released her first recipe book called ‘Eat Smart’!

I hope you’re as inspired by these ladies as I am!


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