5 Non-Toxic Deodorants: Choosing the right natural deodorant for you

We can all be guilty of taking our skin for granted and not always treating it with the love and care it needs. We can often forget it’s an organ in its own right and breathes and absorbs what we put onto it. Those products can then end up within our system, so why wouldn’t we want to keep everything as natural as possible?

The world of natural deodorants has been growing over the last few years, and now there is a lot of choice when it comes to brand, type, texture and scent.

With traditional antiperspirants and roll ons, they work by preventing sweating all together, and act as a blocker. The means that as your skin tries to sweat, it physically blocks it from happening to prevent wetness or odor.

Obviously no one wants to be the smelly kid, but at the same time blocking a natural bodily function, that has a key purpose, isn’t healthy for your skin, body or lymphatic drainage system.

Do you sometimes suffer from red underarms, a bumpy surface to your armpit skin, or what looks like razor rash? Well it could actually be your skin reacting to the deodorant you’re putting on it and blocking it from breathing.

Here are a few options to help you get your head around the natural deodorant market:

The Natural Salt Lavender & Vanilla spray

This is a liquid spray; it’s light and floral and feels really fresh on the skin. It is slightly wetter than a normal deodorant when first applied but it quickly dries, with no danger of white marks on your clothes.


Lush Aromaco Deodorant Bar

This is a solid deodorant bar that you rub on your underarms – it smells really nice and is easy to apply. It has the consistency of soap, rather than chalk or anything you might expect. You can either crumble a bit off and apply it or rub the actual bar directly onto your skin.


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

This is a combination of the previous two. The consistency is like a paste that you warm with your finger tips and apply onto your underarms. It comes with a cute spatula as well to help scoop it out the pot. It has a non-traditional scent – and leaves the armpits feeling soft and moisturised.



Tarte’s Vegan Deodorant

Tarte is a fully vegan and cruelty free company that sits comfortably in the high end beauty arena and it has made waves over the last few years with their big bold campaigns, bright packaging and ridiculously cute themes.

This vegan deodorant smells incredible. The scent is the key selling point for sure – floral, musky and romantic and a little unusual for a normal deodorant. It also applies beautifully, dries instantly, and provides protection all throughout the day within the need to reapply or worrying about its durability.

PitRok Crystal Deodorant

A personal favourite here at Honestly Ombré, PitRok has been our go-to deodorant for the last 18 months – it’s a traditional roller ball so very easy to apply, it smells delicious and gives excellent protection. It’s also compact so is easy to take with you on the go and reapply when needed!

Have you used a natural deodorant before and what was your experience?




  1. 11th August 2016 / 6:54 pm

    I have never thought about using a natural deodorant but after reading this I really can’t wait to try it! I am all about going more natural and using products that are better for me and cruelty free 🙂 Can you get these at any typical drug store or should I be looking somewhere special? Do you feel you smell fresh still at the end of the day? Thanks for sharing!

    • Honestly Ombré
      11th August 2016 / 9:16 pm

      Thanks for the love Jamie! I order the pink spray and the smaller Schmidt pot both from Amazon, and I got the Lush one in store yes you still feel and smell fresh! So glad you’re inspired to it! xx

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