A Natural Way To Keep Your Hair Fresh

Ok so dry shampoo isn’t anything revolutionary. We’ve all used it, and the stuff is a god send.

But do you know what is in those cans you’re emptying onto your scalp?

IMG_5659 Unlike some of the more popular brands this dry shampoo by Lush is a natural powder. This means you puff it into your hair rather than spray.

It’s very light, not heavy powder, and it’s been easy to control the amount that comes out. It smells fresh and clean and does a really good job of refreshening up hair on those in between days. It also doesn’t make your hair ENORMOUS. It’s simply a dry shampoo, without any nasty chemicals in your hair all day.


IMG_5662What’s your favourite dry shampoo brand?

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  1. 21st April 2016 / 6:47 pm

    Lovely article. I don’t particularly like putting powder products in my hair but I’m always interested to hear about Lush products 🙂

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