My Go To Vegan Liquid Liner

For me, my everyday eye make up look is all about the winged eyeliner flick.

I’ve consistently worn winged eyeliner (or cat eye) for the last 5 years and quite frankly now when I don’t wear it, I feel my eyes are totally naked. Mastering the flick technique didn’t come easily and even now I wouldn’t say I’m an expert.

I mean, HOW do the bloggers I watch on YouTube manage to perfect a flick with one hand?! I have no idea. I’m literally centimetres from the mirror, one hand drawing and the other on eyelid duty. It is a definite 2 handed job for me. Or ideally 3 if I had another one.

However over the last 5 years I have picked up a lot of knowledge about the application method and formula of the product, and I’m telling you, it makes ALL the difference.

I recently picked up with Soap & Glory Supercat Liner Pen in Carbon Black and I just had to review it on my blog because this is basically everything I look for in a liner and girls, if you’re like me, I’m always on the hunt for the worlds greatest liquid liner.

IMG_5567My preferred applicator is a felt-tip style nib rather than a pot that you have to dip into. That’s just what works best for me. I prefer the formula of felt-tip liners as I feel they’re not as wet as a pot you dip into. This gives me a lot more flexibility to build the shape I want, rather than worrying about smudging lots of black wet liner everywhere.

The Supercat liner is the definition of a perfect felt-tip applicator. I’ve found it really lets me build the shape I’m looking for, rather than just going everywhere at first stroke. This means it’s much easier to get 2 even eyes. IMG_5566IMG_5565I’ve also found it’s super black, which again might sound like a fairly standard request from a black liquid liner, but no. The number of liners I’ve used that are too watery so they don’t remain black, or have a dark grey appearance rather than black, believe me when I say the blacker the better. This also means you don’t need to go over and over the flick once it’s drawn to get the colour you’re after or fill in any patches. IMG_5563Finally, the durability of the Supercat Liner is unbelievable. I don’t know about you guys but in the mornings or on particularly windy days, watery eyes can be a NIGHTMARE for liquid liner. It can smudge or even dilute the liner so it starts moving across the whole eyelid. It’s the worst, especially when you don’t have a liner with you for touch ups!

But since using Supercat, I’ve had absolutely no issues with smudging or leaking, even on windy days! It stays put all day for me, and even in the evenings it’s clear and crisp and hasn’t rubbed off throughout the day.

This liner will be on my re-purchase list for the foreseeable future and I would highly recommend it for any cat-flick addicts like me, and especially if you’re  newbie to the flick because I’m telling you, this would have changed the game 5 years ago for me!



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