First Impressions of the Million Dollar Moisturiser by Lush

So guys, a Lush Haul was well overdue. It’s been about 3 months since I ventured into my local Lush and BOY was my skin unhappy about it.

I picked up a few different products I haven’t tried before, including one that I have been waiting to try in forever: Million Dollar Moisturiser.

Now I’m pretty late to the party on this one, but what with buying an Apartment, my bank balance wasn’t loving Million Dollar quite as much as the rest of Blog World, but I thought the time was right to invest in this wonder product so I can see if it really lives up to the hype.


I’m excited to try it!

For those of you who haven’t heard about or used Million Dollar Moisturiser before, it gets great reviews on Beauty Blogs for being a really smooth, non-oily easy moisteriser that hydrates your skin and is brilliant for using underneath make-up. I haven’t heard any bad reviews about it so far, so that’s a good enough reason in my book to give it a go!

I’m pretty picky when it comes to moisturiser. I have quite normal skin I think, but I like moisturisers that I can’t feel or I’m not aware of throughout the day. I don’t like them to make your make up feel heavy or oily as the day goes on. And for that reason I probably try out new moisturisers less than I should.

I used to swear by Clinque’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion and I used it constantly, day and night for about 3 years, but I’m fairly sure they changed the formula slightly about 1 year or so ago because it started to feel really different on my skin and not as luxurious – plus unfortunately Clinque aren’t a cruelty free company, so I won’t be repurchasing.


So all in all, it was time for something new. I’m more and more aware of how important it is to look after my skin and protect it as much as possible. Million Dollar is SPF 30 which is brilliant protection for your face throughout the day.

I’ll report back and let you know how I’m getting on and whether or not this really is the holy grail of moisturisers. 


Have any of you used Million Dollar Moisturiser before? What did you think?



  1. 31st August 2015 / 7:27 pm

    Lush is just the best! I can’t visit the store without bying wayyy more than I actually need… I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ll probably will after your post. I actually just bought the Clinque’s Dramatically Different Moisterising Lotion literally two days ago, I hope I’ll like it …

    I just posted my August Favorites up on my blog: Check them out if you have time! I’d appreciate your feedback too!


    • 31st August 2015 / 8:30 pm

      Hey lovely! Eek me too! I always spend wayyyyy too much in there! The Clinque Moisteriser is really good, so don’t be put off by it, it’s a brilliant everyday moisteriser, I think where I used it so long I could just really notice a difference in the texture, but I wouldn’t say the result was any different 🙂 let me know how you get on! I’ll definitely check out your blog too! xx

  2. 4th September 2015 / 12:36 am

    Wow, I really want to try this moisturizer after all those positive claims! I mostly have oily skin, so I feel like this would work for me. Unfortunately I don’t think this is available in the States or on the Lush USA website, so I may have to order it off the UK site sometime soon! Can’t wait to see your results! 🙂

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